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MADAO Spiraling
I draw things sometimes. None of those things make any damn sense.

Such is life!

Caution: So many spoilers, so much yaoi.
 「悔いなき選択」| A Choice With No Regrets
Erwin Smith / Levi 

This takes place 10 years before and Levi looks so young and bright-eyed…BUT ERWIN WHY DO YOU LOOK SO OLD

(It’s like 8800 km)


"Makoto… don’t go."

SnK ch. 61 summary

Pixis trolling reibert fans. For the sake of humanity.



Sensing some romantic vibes here… ewe
Sorry, I had to xD

Yes! That “!”, yo. The only thing missing is the blush.

lol, Traffy’s too small for that seat

his feet don’t reach the ground

the dreaded

/flips table/ RANT ALERT

So one of the bosses (who I haven’t met before) in the office I work in came by for a meeting with my supervisor. On his way out, we have our first conversation. His first words to me are to ask me what time I get off work, and since he’s the boss and all I told him and he says, “Good, we’ll got out for drinks sometime. The extension here is xxxx right?”. And that’s it. Walks out. Doesn’t let me reply.

I hope to all the baby angels up there that he was joking or just making small talk because EXCUSE YOU. Here’s a guy that I’ve never met or spoken to, and his first and only words to me are to practically ORDER me to entertain him. I’m positive he doesn’t even know my name, cuz I don’t know his.

And since he’s one of those in charge I know he knows that 99% of us part-timers and interns are college students and ergo NOT OF OR BARELY DRINKING AGE, and desperate to keep our jobs.

I’m pissed this guy is treating his staff like this. Unless he’s a general dickweed, he’s abusing his position of power. Not to mention that he was a foot taller and 20 years older at least. I’m actually apprehensive about going to work now. Like, “SOON. BEWARE.” Because what if he’s persistent? Gets mad? Doesn’t help that this job has zero job security and I’m REALLY introverted and have absolutely no confidence to tell him off.

Welp, I guess I’m getting fired, or at least have a shitload of trouble over the horizon all Jaws-like, cuz I ain’t giving him the time of day. I hope he stays true to his asshole ways and just forgets about me.

ARGHH I want to punch through the wall.

Sabo 2 Year Time Skip Appearance "3D2Y Special"



In which the outside world is modernized and populated.

WOAH I love the details you put into this! FLAT TIRES FOR CHRISSAKES

so I’m in a 2am wiki black hole and hey look at those Copper Age Wall Marias


guys. guys.

from the new OVA i discovered something really important.


Marco has thigh gap.

I’m laughing like a maniac right now, mkay


Sherlock : Cheers!!! John!
John : *what’s this…?*